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Multifunction Image Handler PHP Script by Mike Challis

This script is a very easy to use multifunction image handler script for your weather web site. The caching feature makes it the perfect solution to gracefully "hot link" an image from another web site. Note: Please use common courtesy... get permission to use the image you will download and display.

Some of the many features include:

Why use it?
The built in caching feature reduces bandwidth consumption that can annoy webmasters. Even when you have permission to "hot link" to another site's image, if your site generates too many requests for the image, they may get annoyed and tell you to stop. This script will considerably lighten the bandwidth consumption load. It can also automatically reduce image size so any image you want to include on your web site will fit properly.

How I use it?
I use this script to make a text overlay on my Long Beach, WA Web Cam image. I use it to make a small thumbnail image of of my web cam image for a link on my weather page. It even puts the words "Live Cam" on it. I also use this script to download, cache, resize, and display the 5 images on my Space Weather page.

Live Demo - Multifunction Image Handler

See the live demo of the Multifunction Image Handler below. You can select the text position, font size, and image resize options. These are just a few of the features selected here for the demo. Click 'Generate Image' to see the results.

Text Position 1: Font Size 1: Font Color 1:
Text Position 2: Font Size 2: Font Color 2:
Image Resize Percent: Crop From Center:

Demo Image with Text Overlay

How to use it?
Just download the file, adjust a few settings at the top, upload it to your web server, and link to the file like you would an image. Please refer to the "How to use it" section at the top of the script source code for all the details.

Multifunction Image Handler PHP Script: [download it] | [version change log]

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