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How To PHP Upload Your Web Cam Image to Weatherunderground

This is a tutorial on how I upload my web cam image to WeatherUnderground. It is probably too complicated for many average users. If you already have a personal weather station, Weather-Display Software, a web cam, and a weather web site, then this tutorial might look interesting to you.

Step 1) I am assuming you already completed the 6 steps of Image Overlay Text and now have an image at

Step 2) Create a WebCam account at

Step 3) Install my Weather Underground Web Cam Image Upload PHP Script: Just download the file, name it php-cam-image-upload.php

Adjust a few settings at the top just like this:

$ftp_server = '';
$ftp_username = 'YOUR_WU_USERNAME'; # change this to your WU username
$ftp_password = 'YOUR_WU_PASSWORD'; # change this to your WU password
$source_file = '/path/to/your/webcamimage.jpg';

Step 4) Test from a URL, you will see "upload success" or "upload failed" Example:

Step 5) Schedule automatic timed updates: There are a few ways to do this, I use method 2

Method 1: If you already have weather-display software click on Control Panel | FTP & Connections | HTTP Download tab Click on #1,#2 or #3 setup button | switch on the button for "downloads on | enter your php-cam-image-upload.php url in the box called "URL of file to be downloaded" | click "add to list" | check the tick that says "Tick if text file" | enter php-cam-image-upload.txt in the box that says "Local filename to be downloaded" | click "add to list" | click "download every 5 minutes" | click "save now" | click OK

Method 2: Schedule a server cron job to run this php file every 5 minutes.
(this example requires shell access, there are other ways using control panels, ask your web host how to use cron)
Example using crontab -e: (first change /path/to/ to your server path)
2,7,12,17,22,27,32,37,42,47,52,57 * * * * php /path/to/php-cam-image-upload.php 2>&1 > /dev/null
note: my cam uploads on the 5's, my text overlay cron runs a minute later on the 1 and 6, this cron runs a min later on the 2 and 7
Simple guide to crontab usage at cron - Wikipedia

Method 3: Use Scheduled HTTP Request - Windows Task Scheduler to make a HTTP Request to the URL every 5 minutes

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