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Wind Direction Graphics Generator by Mike Challis

Create wind direction graphics that are compatible with Ken True's Ajax Dashboard PHP script and his Free Weather Website Templates. They are 17 images that represent the 16 common compass positions of E, ENE, ESE, N, NE, NNE, NNW, NW, S, SE, SSE, SW, W, WNW, WSW and an image representing Calm.

Wind Direction Graphics

See them in use on my site here:
Long Beach, WA Weather

Generate your own wind direction graphics now:    Open Color Picker

Face / Ring / Arrow / Color Style Options:
Face Style:
Ring Style: Ring Color Hex: (optional, overrides ring style select)
Arrow Style:

Background Color / Transparency:
Background Color Hex: (optional)
Background Transparent: (optional, overrides hex)

Cardinal Direction / Font Size / Color:
NESW: (optional 4 letters with no spaces like this: NESW or NěSV, and you can use xxxx for none, or PnWPdZ for Poland)
Font Color: Font Color Hex: (optional, overrides select) Font Size:

Font Margin Adjustment Pixels: (optional, use to move letters slightly)
Up[-]  Down[+] N: E: S: W:
Left[-] Right[+] N: E: S: W:

Image Type: Image Size:
Image Prefix: [wr]-calm.gif (example: wr-calm.gif)

Sites using my Wind Direction Graphics:


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