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Drop Down List Generator Plugin PHP Script by Mike Challis

This script is designed only to be plugin for the TNET Weather - WD Avg/Extreme Extraction Script

What does it do?
This script automatically generates a dropdown html list of monthly weather report files on your web server. I use it as a plugin on my Monthly Weather Reports page which displays reports generated from a weather program called weather display.

Why use it?
So you do not have to manually edit the report page each month to add a new month to the drop down list.

How use it?
If you are just starting out, make sure you first install the tnet scripts and get them working before trying my plugin. You need to have installed the AvgExtract.php and the sample.php from the tnet site, get that working, and then finally install my plugin. Just download the file, adjust a few settings at the top, upload it to your web server, and call it as an include file from the code in your report page. Please refer to the "How to use it" section at the top of the script scource code for all the details.

Drop Down List Generator Plugin PHP Script: [download it] | [version change log]

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