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Sun / Moon Phase Almanac for Long Beach, WA USA



NASA Sun Image
Today's Sun image from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
USNO Moon Image
Today's Moon illumination from U.S. Naval Observatory
Sunrise: 6:36 AM
Sunset: 7:56 PM
Daylight: 13:20:00
Moonrise: 1:53 PM
Moonset: 10:49 PM
Waxing Crescent Moon
45% illuminated

Lunar Cycle

First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
Tue, Sep-02-2014
6:12am CDT
11:12 UTC 2 September 2014
Mon, Sep-08-2014
8:39pm CDT
01:39 UTC 9 September 2014
Mon, Sep-15-2014
9:06pm CDT
02:06 UTC 16 September 2014
Wed, Sep-24-2014
1:14am CDT
06:14 UTC 24 September 2014

Solar Cycle

Vernal Equinox
Start of Spring
Summer Solstice
Start of Summer
Autumn Equinox
Start of Fall
Winter Solstice
Start of Winter
Start of Spring First day of Summer First day of Fall First day of Winter
Thu, Mar-20-2014
11:58am CDT
16:58 UTC 20 March 2014
Sat, Jun-21-2014
5:52am CDT
10:52 UTC 21 June 2014
Mon, Sep-22-2014
9:30pm CDT
02:30 UTC 23 September 2014
Sun, Dec-21-2014
5:04pm CST
23:04 UTC 21 December 2014

Earth Daylight and Darkness

Earth Daylight & Darkness

You can select any start date for this chart in order to find the sunrise times for any date in the next twelve months.

Select Start Date:

These are the sun and moon rise and set times.

Mon 01 Sep
Sunrise 6:36am
Sunset 7:54pm

Moonrise 1:50pm
Moonset 11:37pm
Tue 02 Sep Tuesday 09-02   First Quarter Moon
Sunrise 6:37am
Sunset 7:52pm

Moonrise 2:51pm
Moonset 12:27am
Wed 03 Sep
Sunrise 6:39am
Sunset 7:50pm

Moonset 12:27am
Moonrise 3:48pm
Thu 04 Sep
Sunrise 6:40am
Sunset 7:48pm

Moonset 1:26am
Moonrise 4:41pm
Fri 05 Sep
Sunrise 6:41am
Sunset 7:46pm

Moonset 2:32am
Moonrise 5:28pm
Sat 06 Sep
Sunrise 6:42am
Sunset 7:45pm

Moonset 3:44am
Moonrise 6:10pm
Sun 07 Sep
Sunrise 6:44am
Sunset 7:43pm

Moonset 5:00am
Moonrise 6:47pm
Mon 08 Sep Monday 09-08   Full Moon
Sunrise 6:45am
Sunset 7:41pm

Moonset 6:17am
Moonrise 7:22pm
Tue 09 Sep
Sunrise 6:46am
Sunset 7:39pm

Moonset 7:35am
Moonrise 7:56pm
Wed 10 Sep
Sunrise 6:47am
Sunset 7:37pm

Moonset 8:51am
Moonrise 8:29pm
Thu 11 Sep
Sunrise 6:49am
Sunset 7:35pm

Moonset 10:05am
Moonrise 9:04pm
Fri 12 Sep
Sunrise 6:50am
Sunset 7:33pm

Moonset 11:16am
Moonrise 9:41pm
Sat 13 Sep
Sunrise 6:51am
Sunset 7:31pm

Moonset 12:23pm
Moonrise 10:22pm
Sun 14 Sep
Sunrise 6:53am
Sunset 7:29pm

Moonset 1:24pm
Moonrise 11:07pm
Mon 15 Sep Monday 09-15   Last Quarter Moon
Sunrise 6:54am
Sunset 7:27pm

Moonset 2:19pm
Moonrise 11:55pm
Tue 16 Sep
Sunrise 6:55am
Sunset 7:25pm

Moonset 3:08pm
Moonrise 12:47am
Wed 17 Sep
Sunrise 6:56am
Sunset 7:23pm

Moonrise 12:47am
Moonset 3:51pm
Thu 18 Sep
Sunrise 6:58am
Sunset 7:21pm

Moonrise 1:42am
Moonset 4:28pm
Fri 19 Sep
Sunrise 6:59am
Sunset 7:19pm

Moonrise 2:38am
Moonset 5:01pm
Sat 20 Sep
Sunrise 7:00am
Sunset 7:17pm

Moonrise 3:36am
Moonset 5:31pm

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