Pacific County Tsunami Sirens Test

Tsunami Warning System Siren

Tsunami Warning System Siren

Pacific County to Test All Hazard Alert Broadcast Sirens October 15 and October 22, 2008 Oct 7, 2008 – Pacific County Emergency Management will be testing the All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) sirens on Wednesday, October 15, 2008, at noon, and again on October 22, 2008 at noon.

The sirens will ring the Westminster Chimes for 90 seconds on October 15, and will sound the actual warning signal – a straight, non-warbling siren tone – for 90 seconds on October 22, 2008.

No verbal message will follow either test. A preview of the warning system playing Westminster Chimes is available on the World Wide Web at

In actual events, the sirens will sound the constant tone (no warble) for three continuous minutes, and may be followed by a verbal message. The Pacific County Tsunami Plan calls for the sirens to be activated any time Pacific County is placed within the area of a tsunami warning. A tsunami warning means that an earthquake in the Pacific Rim may have generated a tsunami wave that has the potential to reach the Pacific County coastline within a three hour window of time.
Residents are asked to listen for the test and to report their street address and results or concerns to the Pacific County Emergency Management Office at (360) 875-9340/(360) 642-9340 following each test.


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